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The Win-Track is an innovative alternative to the traditional dolly when your shot can be achieved with up to 5 feet of camera motion. Other than long following dolly shots, most dolly moves are typically just a few feet. With the Win-Track smooth camera motion can be achieved in a compact, easy to setup package. Are you constantly schlepping a bulky dolly, multiple pieces of track, then leveling the track over thresholds or uneven surfaces? With the Win-Track just set the slider on a sturdy tripod, drop the monopods down and shoot. Shots can be set up in any angle to the subject including a perfect dolly push-in motion.

The Win-Track features four exceptionally smooth and quiet, state-of-the-art German bearings to control motion with a 100mm base plate ready for your fluid head to be mounted directly to the unit. The bottom is fitted with either a 75mm or 100mm plate to fit directly to your. Additionally, a standard Bogen half bowl can be mounted. The ends are pre-drilled with both 1/4 – 20 and 3/8 – 16 threaded mounting holes for optional monopods to add extra support to keep the tripod from tipping as the camera reaches the ends. The Win-Track will fast become a workhorse in your productions, saving you considerable time and adding exceptional value to your projects! 

The Win-Track comes in two lengths, a 48” model with 41” of sliding motion and a 67” model with 60” of sliding motion. The ”M” series is designed for medium weight camera up to 20lbs and the “H” series is mounted on heavier rolls and can accommodate up to 40+lb loads. Both are mounted on a solid 4” by 1/2” aircraft aluminum base. Weight range of the models is from 15 to 2lbs depending on length and model. It is important to note each model looses 7” of travel due to the 6” wide mounting plate and end stops.


Available Models

48” Win-Track M48 (camera To 20lbs, 41” of travel)


48” Win-Track H48 (camera to 40lbs, 41” of travel)

67” Win-Track M67 (camera To 20lbs, 60” of travel)


67” Win-Track H67 (camera to 40lbs, 60” of travel)

(specify 100mm or 75mm mounting plate)


(100mm mounting plate only)


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