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Established in Hong Kong1997, WIN TECH COMPANY is the most economical and convenient source for all recording Media, Equipment, Supplies, to the Post Production, Recording, TV/Radio.  We sell all types of professional tapes such as Sony Betacam SP, Mini DV, Panasonic DVCPro, HDCAM, DVCAM, Digital Master, audio tapes, blank VHS tapes, and more.  We have Sony, Libec tripod. We also carry Sony medical printer paper such as UPP-110S, UPP-110HG, UPP-110HD, UPC-510, UPC-55, UPP-210HD, UPT-210BL and UPC-21L etc...and Fuji, Kodak photo paper and suppliers.

We are authorizer dealer of CPAC Asia Imaging Products LTD. in Hong kong after 2004 and distribution of  CPAC photographic chemistry for Fuji and Kodak shop.

In 2007 WIN TECH COMPANY has been dealing with distribution of MOVCAM Camera Stabilizer System and Video & Audio Professional Equipment.And now our supplies have also been expanded into more industrial products like Professional Display, HD equipment ,Digital Camera and more...

Futhermore, we import Karihome goat milk powder at the end of 2007.

Right now ,  we have Japan milk powder(MORINAGA Chirumiru,MORINAGA Hagukumi, MEIJI Step,  MEIJI Hohoemi, WAKODO Haihai , YUKIJIRUSHI pure, YUKIJIRUSHI  tachi) and other baby products.

We also provide the Parker Ultrasound Gel and accessories.

And we have a online e-shop at 2008.

Tel : (852) 2104 9982    Fax : (852) 21049983
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