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hdslr/hdv professional support

HDSLR / HDV professional support


High quality images and high function DSLR cameras are capable of shooting high definition short films. Their professional image quality is loved by professional cinematographers who use them for film shooting and TV commercials.
Movcam HDSLR / HDV professional supporting system aims to serve HDSLR and HDV cameras. This system used modular design which enables easy upgrades and add-ups in future to suit different shooting requirements so as to bring out the advantages of light weight cameras to their fullest.
The design of this system takes into consideration the different circumstances of shooting sites and shooting requirements. All lock-up parts are exquisitely designed to ensure safety.
To improve image quality, the balance of the system is extremely important. Professional supporting system can provide perfect balance so that it helps the cinematographers save strength and maintain stability of the camera. In this system, the shoulder pad is close to camera mounting stage, which makes the balancing easier and reduces fatigue of the hands. Ingeniously designed handgrip can adjust side-to-side balance easily. Rear power  unit  replaces heavy counterweight.
This system also includes a high quality follow focus. The follow focus's unique design provides adjustable damping in order to get more  precise focus.
We sincerely believe that a high quality support system guarantees better shooting.

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