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Sony ECM-678, Microphone

The Sony ECM-678 is a short shotgun, electret condenser-type microphone, which delivers outstanding sound performance in
all field production and broadcast studio applications. It is also well suited for use on Sony professional camcorders such as
the HDV TMSerie DVCAM TM Series,and XDCAM TM Series.
The ECM-678 offers excellent sensitivity, low inherent noise, and extreme durability. Its highly directional response allows clear voice pick-up even in the most demanding of environments, while the built-in low-cut filter switch helps to reduce unwanted pop and wind noise encountered in the field. With its high performance and durability,theECM-678 microphone is the perfect choice for quality-critical sound-acquisition applications.

Super Cardioid microphone with minimum sensitivity to ambient noise
The microphone's sharp directivity makes it suitable for middle distance recording such as at conference and lectures, for use on a video cameras, and for recording outdoors within a narrow range.

Compact and lightweight
Owing to its small dimensions of 20 dia x 250mm and weight of 200g, the microphone can be used and carried easily.

External Power supply
The microphone is easily powered from an external power supply of 40V to 52 V DC

The Microphone consist of 7 items
- Microphone
- LOW CUT switch
- Output Connector ( XLR-3-12C type)
- Microphone spacer
- Wind Screen
- Microphone holder
 Connecting cord

Sony ECM678

PRICE : HK$5,400.00

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ECM-678 Applicable Cameras
HDV     HVZ-Z1P /HVR-Z1U / HVR-Z1E /

And also applicable for all DVCAM cameras

Superior Sound Quality
The ECM-678 is equipped with a newly developed microphone capsule, which delivers a superb sensitivity of -28 dB (0 dB=l V/Pa.)
and an extremely low inherent noise of lessthan 16 dB SPL. This provides the clearest pick-up of even the faintest sounds at long
Flat-and-Wide Frequency Response
The ECM-678 microphone has a flat and- wide frequency response (40 Hz to 20 kHz) and will provide sound reproduction
that is extremely smooth and natural.
Compact Design
The ECM-678 has been specially  designed to meet the needs for a compact yet high-performance shotgun microphone. The result is a
highly directional microphone that is only 250 mm in length.
Built-in low Cut Filter

The built-in two-position (M, V) lowcut switch provides users with a simple method of reducing the effects of undesired ambient noise.
High Durability and Reliability
The vibration-resistant mechanism of the ECM-678 offers high durability and reliability, making it suitable for the harshest environments
encountered in the most demanding of sound-acquisition scenarios



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